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For any questions or troubleshooting advice, please contact musiclessons@customersupport.care

Confirming Your Account

You should have received an account confirmation email from the email address: accounts@teachworks.com. The email will contain a link that you can click to confirm your account and set a password.

The link to log in to the Music Lessons Academy Teachworks is lower on the page. If you plan on accessing your account often, you may want to bookmark the page for easy access.

If you have not yet received the confirmation email, check your junk mail. Alternatively, visit the above link and select the “Resend Confirmation Email” button to fire off a new confirmation email.

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Requesting Lessons

You can request lessons directly from the calendar by clicking on a date on the calendar, or you can go to the top menu, Calendar > Request Lessons.

To avoid disappointment, you may want to check your teacher’s availability before requesting a new lesson.

Checking Availability from the “Request Lesson” Form

  1. From the main calendar, select the green “Request a Lesson” box located in the top right corner
  2. Select your teacher in the “Teacher” field
  3. Select the desired length of lesson from the “Service” dropdown box
  4. Select the location of your lesson from the “Location” dropdown box
    1. (i.e. Online for online lessons or Student Home – Your State”
  5. Select your desired lesson day, start and end times.
  6. Select “Submit”

After you’ve submitted your request, you will receive an email from Music Lessons Academy to indicate whether your request was approved, modified or declined.


Cancelling Lessons

From the calendar view, select the lesson on the date you wish to cancel. Then select “View” from the popup box.

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A new popup screen will appear where you can select “Cancel”. This will take you to a screen to enter your reason for cancelling. A confirmation will appear when the cancellation has been successful.

Teachworks Guide 3

Please refer to the studio policy for information on lesson credits & cancellation policy.

Setting Up For Online Lessons - Google Meet

You should give yourself five minutes to prepare for your online lesson.

iPad/Tablet/Phone Users: Download the Google Meet app from the app store.

Computer/Laptop Users: Visit https://meet.google.com/ If you have a google account, feel free to sign in.

Firstly, you will have to go into your Teachworks student portal to view your lesson details & Google Meet web address to join.

Once logged into your Teachworks account, go to the Main Calendar from the top menu. Select your upcoming lesson on the calendar, then select “View” from the grey pop-up box. In the next pop-up box, select the “Notes” button to view your Meeting Code for your Online Lesson.

Teachworks Guide 4

Updating Your Profile

Once you’ve logged into your account, you can go to the “Profile” tab and click the “Edit” link to update your details. You should be able to update the following details:

First & Last Name
Email Address
Additional (Secondary) Email Address
Contact Numbers
Notification Preferences

To update your child’s details, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Go to “Profile”

  2. Scroll to the “Students” section

  3. Click on your child’s name

  4. Click the “Edit” link

  5. Update the profile as needed

  6. Submit the form to save your settings

Note: If you’re not able to update your details, you will need to contact musiclessons@customersupport.care with the required changes.

Accessing Your Billing Details


You will still receive an email with your current invoice for each invoicing period. But now, you can access your invoices, payments, credit notes, and refunds by going to Billing > Transactions.

For more details, click the name of a record to see the full invoice, payment, credit note or refund.


Teachworks Guide 5

Paying Invoices Online

Teachworks uses a secure payment processor, Stripe, to allow easy payments via credit or debit cards. You’ll be able to add credit card details to your profile to easily pay your invoices right from your Teachworks account.

Adding/Editing Credit Cards

  1. Login to Teachworks

  2. Go to Billing > Credit Cards

  3. Click on “Add Card” or edit the card that is saved on your account

Paying Invoices

  1. Go to Billing > Transactions

  2. Click on the invoice you would like to pay by clicking on the invoice number

  3. Click the “Pay Online” button

  4. Submit your card details or select a saved card

  5. Click the “Pay” button

Viewing Lesson Notes

You can view any lesson notes your teacher has written for you right in your Teachworks profile.

Visit your Profile from the top menu. Under the Students heading, select your child’s name or your own name if you are learning.

Scroll down to the Recent Lessons heading, find the date of the lesson you wish to view and select the blue “Title” link.

Teachworks Guide 6

A pop-up box will appear with your lesson details and the lesson notes at the bottom.

Teachworks Guide 7

Resetting/Recovering Your Password

You can update your password from your Teachworks account by going to Account > Update Password (top right menu).

Teachworks Guide 8

If you don’t remember your password, you can go to our login page and click the “Reset Your Password” link. Clicking the link will prompt you to enter your email address, and if a matching account is found you will receive an email with further instructions.

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